Environmentally friendly
disinfection in a
barn environment

Guaranteed bacteria-free drinking water for better animal health

Bacteria-free drinking water is a basic requirement for animal health and stable production. But keeping the water free of harmful microorganisms and biofilm is often a challenge. Because even if the incoming water is of high quality, the animals themselves can introduce new bacteria and a lot of time is spent regularly disinfecting the water system (not

rarely with environmentally harmful chemicals). The measures solve the problem for the time being, but after a while the bacterial growth returns and the disinfection must be done again. All of this can be avoided with Anolytech’s environmentally friendly system for water disinfection.

Areas within livestock farming

“Agriculture and animal breeding were the industries with which Anolytech first began to cooperate. Today, the number of farmers who have switched to our solution is steadily increasing, and the improved animal health is witnessed by many.”

Stefan Fischlein, founder of Anolytech

Contributes to the following UN Global Sustainability Goals