Environmentally friendly
Disinfection for
public sector

Prevent the spread of infection and save water

Treatment plants, schools and sports halls are all municipal operations that in various ways can benefit from Anolytech’s environmentally friendly disinfection system. By installing a facility from Anolytech, the spread of infection via water, room surfaces and hands can be avoided in the business. Our unique
Disinfectant solution AnoDes works preventively so that bacteria are effectively killed before they have time to spread, while preventing the growth of biofilm in the water system. The preventive effect also allows huge amounts of water to be saved or recycled.

Areas within the municipality

“Our municipality has chosen to start using AnoDes as a way to reuse 75,000,000 liters of water annually. By producing a technical water to use for the internal processes, our treatment plant can relieve the municipality’s drinking water production.”

Operations manager for wastewater treatment plants in southern Swedish municipality

Contributes to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals