About Anolytech

Anolytech wants to help create a sustainable society, where environmentally friendly disinfection contributes to better human and animal health, and a healthier planet. By providing an effective and environmentally friendly disinfection technology, we help our customers to fight bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, while contributing to the Global Goals and the 2030 Agenda.

A unique preventive disinfection system

Traditional disinfection methods often involve treating water systems and other environments after bacteria and biofilm have already established themselves. These methods often involve the use of billions of litres of perfectly good drinking water to flush out bacteria and biofilm. Instead, Anolytech’s system works proactively by continuously dosing our powerful bactericidal disinfectant solution AnoDes into the water system. In this way, AnoDes prevents water from becoming contaminated and endangering the health of humans and animals. The preventive effect also means that huge amounts of water can be saved or recycled.

A new approach to disinfection

Even as we began our development journey in search of a more environmentally friendly disinfection solution, the old, reactive way of disinfecting water systems was something we wanted to challenge: is it possible to prevent bacterial infestations rather than post-treat them? Is there a way to kill bacteria without harming the environment? Is it possible to produce disinfectant on site to reduce transport?

Anolytech is formed

Our questions led to intensive research and development work focusing on hypochlorous acid, which is produced using water, salt and electricity alone. It also has a well-documented bactericidal effect. The result was a unique pH-optimised hypochlorous acid that effectively kills bacteria, viruses, spores, mould and fungi and stops the growth of biofilm in water. Based on this innovation, Anolytech was formed in 2005 and the hypochlorous acid was named AnoDes (a merger of Anolytech and Disinfection). Since then, we have continued to develop our environmentally friendly disinfection system, which is now appreciated by hundreds of users and new applications are constantly being found.

Multiple benefits and opportunities

The plant that produces AnoDes is so compact that it can easily be installed on site at most businesses. It is manufactured without any harmful chemicals, avoiding the handling and transport of dangerous goods and reducing the amount of packaging that needs to be disposed of. AnoDes guarantees bacteria-free drinking water but can also be used to disinfect industrial process water for reuse, as well as for surface and hand disinfection.

Global Goals

When Anolytech started, the primary goal was to make drinking water bacteria-free in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. At the time, we could never have imagined that our disinfection system would, years later, prove to be just such a solution, contributing to the UN Global Goals. Several of the Global Goals adopted in Paris in 2015 focus on conserving the Earth’s water resources, reducing the spread of water-related diseases, reducing the use of harmful chemicals, and reducing environmental impacts in oceans and on land. By using our environmentally friendly disinfection system, our customers contribute directly to several of the Global Goals.

A more sustainable future

Anolytech currently delivers disinfection solutions to agriculture, industry, food industry, hotels and real estate as well as public sector and healthcare sector in Sweden and Europe. Every day, more and more industries are discovering the benefits of AnoDes and our system for circular site production of disinfection. Together with our customers, we are replacing traditional disinfection with an environmentally friendly and future-proof solution – for a more sustainable society.

A more sustainable future

Anolytech’s technology and innovation has won several Innovation and Innovator Awards and was named Most Environmentally Innovative Company of the Year (2012).
Anolytech has also been named one of Sweden’s 33 hottest young technology companies on two occasions (33 list).

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