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Anolytech works with an ever-growing network of partners to give more people the opportunity to use the advantages of environmentally friendly and effective disinfection, as well as to spread knowledge about the technology.

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Since 2005, Anolytech has developed a sustainable and environmentally friendly disinfection technology based on water, salt and electricity that makes disinfection with harmful chemicals unnecessary. The product that Anolytech’s system produces is a pH-optimized hypochlorous acid, AnoDes, which effectively kills bacteria, viruses, spores, mold and fungi and stops the growth of biofilm in water systems.


AnoDes is EU-certified and is used for disinfection of drinking water, process water and room surfaces. For an example, AnoDes can be used to secure properties against Legionella, where we are the leading supplier in the Nordic countries. Since the disinfection takes place continuously, the temperature of the hot water can be lowered without risking bacterial growth and thus save energy.


Today Anolytech supplies disinfection solutions to agriculture, the food industry, hotels and properties as well as the public sector and healthcare in Sweden and Europe.


AnoDes is manufactured on site at the customer’s premises in a facility rented by Anolytech. The sustainable circular manufacturing process ensures the customer’s own supply of disinfection, while minimizing handling of harmful chemicals, unnecessary packaging and transport of hazardous goods.


The system is delivered with a service plan that includes installation, service, spare parts and a functional guarantee.


Do you have customers who need our solution? Feel free to get in touch and we will present the advantages of being a partner to Anolytech and the opportunity to offer a safe and effective solution to your customers.


Together, we can contribute to safe and secure water, where we help our customers achieve several of the global goals.

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Common questions

Working with Anolytech means that you invest in a future-proof and environmentally friendly disinfection solution. Unlike other technologies that often use harmful chemicals and generate unsafe by-products, Anolytech uses only salt, water and electricity to produce an effective on-site disinfectant. This means reduced environmental impact, no transport of dangerous goods and less packaging.

Our system stands out for its energy efficiency, low operating costs and its ability to effectively combat pathogens including Legionella. Without affecting the taste or smell of the water.

As a partner, you will be able to offer your customers this solution and thus become competitive in the market.

Being a partner to Anolytech means that you are part of a collaboration where the customer is offered the opportunity to rent Anolytech’s disinfection system. Our rental arrangement is designed to be simple and cost-effective. In addition, as a partner, you do not need to be out of money or take financial risks.

Anolytech provides both service and support, which ensures that the system always works optimally and that your customers are satisfied. This includes installation, service and provision of spare parts.

Anolytech’s disinfection system offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution with quick results and low investment costs.

By using AnoDes, our effective disinfection solution, your customers can:

– Preventing Legionella outbreaks: Continuous disinfection of water, which prevents bacteria from taking hold in the water system and spreading, means that the customer receives safe water.

– Meet Stricter Legal Requirements: With the stricter EU legal requirements, it is now even more important for property owners to ensure that their water systems are free of Legionella. Anolytech’s solution helps them meet these requirements through continuous disinfection and water quality assurance.

– Reduce Operating Costs and Transport: Since AnoDes is produced on site with only salt tablets as an external component, the number of transports and the need to handle chemicals and packaging are reduced, which contributes to lower operating costs.

– Provide a Safe Environment: AnoDes is harmless to humans and does not affect the smell or taste of the water, which guarantees a safe and pleasant environment for both staff and customers.

Your customers can feel secure in the fact that they not only get safe and clean water, but also contribute to a more sustainable future by lowering the temperature of the hot water and saving energy and reducing water use, thus supporting the global goals.

As a partner of Anolytech, you can expect a range of benefits and opportunities. You become a partner of a growing company that is a leader in its niche with innovative and in-demand products.

You can count on competitive margins and a collaborative model designed to promote long-term success and profitability for all parties.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of Anolytech, you can expect a business relationship characterized by profitability, simplicity and joy. Anolytech values ​​its partners and strives to offer the best possible service.

By working with Anolytech, you get access to their innovative solutions and products, as well as support and training to enable you to succeed and grow in the market.

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