Surface disinfection

Effective surface disinfection

AnoDes can be bottled directly from the manufacturing plant and used to disinfect various surfaces such as floors, walls, work surfaces and loose objects (as well as for non-alcohol based hand disinfection ). AnoDes kills 99.9% of bacteria and micro-organisms and is approved for surface disinfection in accordance with EN1397.

Improved working environment

AnoDes is made from only water, salt and electricity. Therefore, it contains no harmful chemicals and helps improve the working environment for employees who would otherwise have to handle disinfectants that require protective clothing and face masks.


Because AnoDes is produced on site, the business always has access to its own disinfectant, which in turn saves money as other disinfectants no longer need to be purchased and transported.

Application methods

When disinfecting surfaces, application can be done by hand with a spray bottle or with a high-pressure washer. If entire rooms are to be disinfected, a fogging machine that emits dry fog may be recommended.


The AnoDes mist spreads throughout the room and effectively kills bacteria and viruses on the room surfaces. Anolytech offers an EN17272 approved fogging machine for automated airborne room disinfection.

Dosage strengths for anodes