Process water

Guaranteed bacteria-free process water

Many industries use large amounts of water in their processes, and it is important that the water is clean and bacteria-free. But keeping process water bacteria-free in an industrial environment is often associated with challenges. If bacteria find their way into the water system, it can lead to increased risks for employees, production stoppages, large clean-up efforts and unnecessary costs.


Anolytech’s environmentally friendly and preventive disinfection system ensures that bacteria and other single-celled microorganisms are immediately neutralised, thus ensuring functional process water and continuous production.

Improves the working environment

The fact that the process water is bacteria-free throughout production means that employees who remain in environments with water and water vapor can feel safe that the water does not spread any infection.


Since our disinfection solution AnoDes does not contain any hazardous chemical substances, employees also do not have to deal with harmful disinfectants that require protective clothing and protective masks.

Bacteria-free emissions

Process water can be diverted to stormwater as long as it is as clean as household wastewater. If the process water is so contaminated that the municipal treatment plant cannot handle it, then it must be purified on site in industrial operations before it can be further routed. Anolytech’s system then helps to ensure that the water released is free of bacteria.

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