Prevents legionella outbreaks

Shower areas, toilets, spas and kitchens where groceries are handled and rinsed are all at risk of being attacked by Legionella bacteria. But why wait for it to happen and then have to fix it with potentially large costs as a result? Instead, Anolytech’s environmentally friendly system preventively disinfects drinking water and does so continuously so that Legionella bacteria can never take hold and spread.

This is how Legionella spreads

Legionella is a bacterium that can cause two types of disease, Legionnaires’ disease and pontiac fever. The bacterium occurs naturally in soil, lakes and waterways.


It can also be found in water distribution networks and in other water systems. The bacteria are spread to the lungs via water mist, i.e. when water jets hit broken in e.g. shower nozzles, air mixers on water taps and hot tubs.


Even if you as a property owner control the hot water center and maintain the correct temperature, the bacteria can thrive in the biofilm that can be present throughout the water system – even in the cold water.

Risks in the water system

The bacteria can survive in the temperature range 0-70 °C. There is a high risk of Legionella bacteria growing if the water turnover in water pipes is low and the temperature is between 20 and 45°C. Growth of Legionella is facilitated if they grow together with other microorganisms and are therefore often found in accumulations of, for example, bacteria and algae – so-called biofilm.


Anolytech’s environmentally friendly solution effectively kills bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi and other unwanted microorganisms, as well as preventing the growth of biofilm in the water pipes. The constant presence of the solution – AnoDes – also acts as a safe barrier should the incoming water deteriorate temporarily. AnoDes then provides preventive protection so that bacterial growth cannot occur. AnoDes is harmless to humans and does not affect the smell or taste of the water either.

Inadequate and unsustainable measures

Traditional disinfection methods have involved the use of harmful chemicals to kill bacteria and in some cases parts of the water system may need to be replaced when they are contaminated. In addition, the methods result in a tremendous waste of water to flush the water system afterwards.


Flushing the system with hot water is also insufficient as flushing does not fix bacteria in the end points of the system, such as in shower hoses, shower heads and taps. If the water system also has problems with biofilm, this means that bacteria can take hold in the biofilm where they multiply and spread to the surrounding water.

Large costs

A Legionella outbreak is not only potentially dangerous to human health but is often time-consuming and costly for the property owner to fix. For those who conduct activities in the property, the outbreak can pose major financial problems, both with respect to a direct loss of income and damaged reputation, if they need to shut down to perform a clean-up.

A matter of security

Being able to guarantee bacteria-free water is a basic requirement in a property or public environment. Visitors and users must be able to feel safe using and drinking the water without the risk of ingesting unhealthy and harmful bacteria. It is even an EU right in accordance with the “Right2Water” directive.


Anolytech’s environmentally friendly disinfection solution AnoDes kills bacteria effectively but is harmless to humans and animals. AnoDes also does not affect the smell or taste of the water.

The property owner's responsibility - stricter legal requirements

As of January 12, 2023, the legal requirement for property owners regarding the handling and control of Legionella will be tightened. It is an EU directive that comes after WHO – the World Health Organization – classified the EU as a problem area regarding Legionella in particular.


The dark side is feared to be huge around Legionella and the number of people who have fallen ill and died as a result of exposure to Legionella.


According to the EU’s drinking water directive, which has been incorporated into the Swedish Food Agency’s regulations (2001:30), every property owner is obliged to ensure the quality of the drinking water through frequent checks and analyses.


Going forward, you must have an even better overall view and current picture that includes the entire water system – not just the hot water central/heater. In addition to this, a plan and preparedness is needed for what to do when a test shows an elevated value of Legionella. At a CFU number of over 1,000 per litre, measures MUST be taken. At CFU of 500-1,000, either measures need to be put in place OR additional samples are taken to ensure the source of infection and the problem area.


With AnoDes constantly present in the water, the risks of Legionella outbreaks are radically reduced and it becomes easier to ensure the quality of the water.

Testing of properties

Anolytech can also help with tests – of both the water and swab samples, for example inside shower hoses or shower nozzles, in order to get an overall picture of how the entire water system looks in terms of Legionella.