Environmentally friendly
Disinfection in
Industrial environment

Secure production with environmentally friendly disinfection

Bacteria-free water and carefully disinfected industrial environments and processes are often crucial prerequisites for safe and efficient production. But maintaining a bacteria-free environment often requires time-consuming reactive measures with harmful chemicals.
Anolytech’s environmentally friendly disinfection system works instead to prevent bacterial infestation and the growth of biofilm. The production of our unique disinfection solution AnoDes takes place on site, which means that the business always has access to disinfection.

Areas of industry

“There are really no limits to how many industries can benefit from our environmentally friendly disinfection solution. From hydroponic cultivation to large-scale industrial processes. Everyone benefits from using fewer chemicals and wasting less water.”

Sandra Lindström, CEO Anolytech

Contributes to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals