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AnoDes can be used in several areas and in different ways. It is used, among others in agriculture, hotels, real estate, industries and cleaning operations. You can read more about the different uses under the applications tab or under uses.

Yes, you will find safety data sheets and other documents under technical documents.

Follow the instructions and information specified on the label. Contact Anolytech for questions at:

Yes, if you follow our recommendations relating to the mixing procedure. Contact Anolytech for questions at:

AnoDes complies with the European standards for disinfectants:  EN 13624, EN 13623, EN 13610, EN17272, EN 14476 , EN13697 and EN 13727 More information can be found under the document tab.

As long as our instructions are followed, there should be no adverse effects.


Bottled disinfectant can be purchased at several retailers and partners. Contact Anolytech for more information.

Yes, it can be piped into the sewer because the process water contains little residual product. Read more in our safety data sheet, which is available on the document page

Anolytech’s system does not really have an upper limit, but at our largest customer we currently disinfect 1,300,000 litres of water per day. If you need to disinfect large volumes, contact our sales department and we can develop a tailor-made solution to suit your needs

It depends on how much water you are going to disinfect. Disinfecting 1 m3 of water with our standard machine costs about SEK 0.40 in salt consumption. Our average customer spends about SEK 3-4,500 per year on salt (calculated at SEK 4.80/kilo of salt).

To produce 1 litre of AnoDes (the concentrate), our standard machine consumes 0.035-0.04 kWh. Disinfection of 1 m3 of water then gives an electricity cost of about SEK 0.04 (calculated at 1 SEK/kWh).

The operating cost of the manufacturing process itself is roughly SEK 0.45 per cubic meter of water to be disinfected. The amount may vary depending on the field of application, the quality of the incoming water and other factors.

AnoDes can only exist in water, which means that bacteria and biofilm “drink” the solution and are knocked out from within. AnoDes attacks, among other things, proteins in the microorganism cell membranes and destroys them so that the cell bursts and dies. Thanks to the direct mechanism of action, it also does not matter whether the bacteria are resistant or multi-resistant to antibiotics. They are still eliminated. For every minute that AnoDes is added to an incoming water, biofilm is removed meter by meter. This is one of the reasons why we dose the solution continuously.

Although the drinking water is of high quality when it enters the plant, it risks deteriorating on the way through the stables. The water can be attacked by bacteria (from the animals themselves). Biofilm can form and provide fertile ground for even more bacteria. The attacks can make the animals sick, but also impair their ability to absorb the nutrients from the feed. Contaminated water affects the entire feed supply and can cause high-quality (often expensive) feed to be unable to feed the animals as intended. The effect is that the animals have to put energy into fighting bacteria/virus attacks, they feel worse, and production is disrupted. In the long run, drinking water that is subjected to regular bacterial infestations can also affect and interfere with animal reproduction

By continuously dosing AnoDes in the water system, we can prevent attacks by Legionella (instead of treating afterwards as others do). AnoDes is “active” in the water system 24/7 and also accesses all endpoints and tap points. The continuous presence of AnoDes also means that any biofilm in

the pipes are worked off efficiently.

Our most common and favourable rental scheme is for 5 years. The subscription includes installation, service and spare parts. Both shorter and longer rents are possible, please contact our sales department

and we will be pleased to tell you more.

The reason why we have a rental scheme is partly because during the rental term we can guarantee the end result (of AnoDes). This means you use our approvals and certifications, and through the rental scheme we offer a service rather than just producing and selling machines. This is better from a sustainability perspective as the life of the machines is extended, downtime is avoided, and operation is streamlined.

     When you rent the machine, we perform the necessary hardware upgrades during the term of the lease, free of charge. If, after 5 years, you wish to extend the rent, it may also be necessary to replace the machines with new ones. This is also included in the lease and there is no additional cost.

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