Environmentally friendly
Disinfection in
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Preventive disinfection against Legionella

Keeping the water system free of harmful microorganisms and biofilm is often a challenge. Because even if incoming water is high quality, biofilm can occur. This results in bacteria such as Legionella being introduced to the water and spreading inside the property. Should this happen, the affected environments need to be disinfected and equipment such as shower heads 

must be replaced. This can be very costly. All this can be avoided with Anolytech’s environmentally friendly and preventive water disinfection system that effectively kills bacteria and prevents the growth of biofilm.

Areas of Real Estate

“We have had no problems with Legionella, but outbreaks can have serious consequences for those affected. We wanted our tenants to feel safe in their living environment and therefore decided to take action to prevent problems from arising.”

Ricardo Klemensson, Property Manager at TrelleborgsHem

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