The disinfection system

Environmentally friendly disinfection produced on site

Anolytech’s system offers environmentally friendly and efficient disinfection for a wide range of applications. The system is based on our unique disinfection solution AnoDes being produced on site at the user’s facility in a system rented from Anolytech and which is connected directly to the company’s water system.


AnoDes effectively kills bacteria in all types of drinking water systems and is also used in industry to disinfect, for example, process water and greywater. Thus, enabling increased reuse that saves water resources.

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Circular process

The manufacturing process is circular and uses only water, salt and electricity, which makes Anolytech’s system a much more sustainable disinfection method than most others.


It is the carefully controlled pH level that is the basis for AnoDes’ effective disinfection capacity. Anolytech’s system enables unique and precise control of the pH value, which means that Anolytech can guarantee efficient water disinfection regardless of the quality of the incoming usable water.


No dangerous chemicals are used, transports of dangerous goods are reduced, as is the amount of packaging. The residual products are also so harmless that they can be released into the drain

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The technology behind

With Anolytech’s unique technology, the pH value is controlled for optimal production of AnoDes. The plant uses an electrolytic cell to electrochemically activate the saline solution. A porous ceramic membrane (diaphragm) separates the reactor into two chambers but conducts current between the anode and cathode which are located in each chamber.


When the machine is in operation, there is a direct voltage (12 V) across the anode and cathode. In the chamber with anode, so-called AnoDes is formed and in the chamber with cathode, so-called catholyte is formed.


The catholyte has a constant composition. It contains sodium hydroxide, hydrogen and sodium chloride. This solution is alkaline with about pH 12. AnoDes contains the active substance hypochlorous acid and maintains a pH of 6.5.

Circular process

Simple installation

Anolytech’s plant consists of a wall-mounted control unit, a salt container and a mixing module that is placed in a suitable location at the business. All that is required is access to electricity, water and sewage.

If Anolytech’s plant is primarily used to guarantee a bacteria-free water through connection to the company’s water system, then installation takes place in two simple steps. First, Anolytech provides an extra water line (pipe connection) which is adapted to the company’s water system and which the user installs at an agreed location based on the enclosed instructions. When this is done, Anolytech’s fitter comes to the site to install and calibrate the plant that will produce AnoDes.
When installing Anolytech’s equipment in a treatment plant, or as a disinfection stage in major industrial processes, installation is tailored to the needs and circumstances found on site.

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Easy and safe operation

During operation, the system only needs to be refilled with saline tablets, everything else is automated. The system’s design and easy handling guarantee a reliable and reliable production of AnoDes – around the clock, all year round.

Select the plant type according to needs

Different businesses have different disinfection needs. The choice of plant depends on the type of business in question and what capacity the business requires. Therefore, Anolytech’s disinfection systems are available in several versions (M20-20, M20-40 and M20-80) with varying capacities that produce different amounts of AnoDes and that can treat different amounts of water.

Subscriptions with low operating costs

Since Anolytech’s system is based on renting the equipment, no large investments are required to get started. The rental cost for the system is based on the business’s water consumption. The system has low electricity consumption and low salt cost, which also ensures a low operating cost over time. The rental subscription comes with a service plan, which includes installation, service and spare parts.

Sustainable disinfection

Disinfection systems M20

Anodes Elements

Circular process

Ph governance

Sustainable disinfection

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