Drinking water

Securing drinking water

Drinking water is a vital resource for maintaining good health for humans and livestock. Though the quality of municipal water in our part of the world is high, all water systems are still at risk of bacterial infestation or biofilm growth. Once that happens, the damage has already been done and the water system urgently needs to be disinfected, thus resulting in extensive work and significant costs. This can be completely avoided using Anolytech’s disinfection system.

Guaranteed bacteria-free drinking water

Traditional disinfection methods are often based on specifically combatting bacteria and biofilms after these have made drinking water unpotable. Instead, Anolytech’s system acts preventively by continuously supplying small doses of our eco-friendly disinfectant solution AnoDes to the water system. If bacteria or other harmful microorganisms were to make their way into the water system, AnoDes immediately knocks them out, thus guaranteeing constant bacteria-free drinking water over time.

Safe and effective disinfection

AnoDes effectively kills bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi and other unwanted microorganisms, and also prevents the growth of biofilms in water pipes. The constant presence of AnoDes even serves as a safe barrier should the incoming water quality become temporarily compromised. AnoDes then provides preventive protection so that bacterial growth cannot occur. AnoDes is harmless to humans and animals and does not affect the taste or smell of the water.

Prevent spread of infection and operational disruption

In activities such as animal husbandry, restaurants, hotels & spas, hydroponic cultivation and other food handling facilities, Anolytech’s system offers continuous protection and security by maintaining bacteria-free drinking water, thereby reducing the risk of infection spreading and costly operational outages.

Dosing strengths for AnoDes