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Bacteria-free drinking water is a basic requirement for animal health and stable production. But keeping the water free of harmful microorganisms and biofilm is often a challenge. Because even if the incoming water is of high quality, the cows themselves can introduce new bacteria and a lot of time is spent regularly disinfecting the water system (not infrequently with environmentally harmful chemicals). The measures solve the problem for the time being, but after a while the bacterial growth returns and the disinfection must be done again. All of this can be avoided with Anolytech’s environmentally friendly system for water disinfection.

Focus on preventive animal health

Even if the drinking water is of high quality when it enters the facility, it is at risk of deterioration on its way through the stables. When the water is contaminated by bacteria, it can make the cows sick, but also impair their ability to absorb the nutrients from the feed.


Contaminated water affects the entire feed supply and can mean that a high-quality (often expensive) feed does not have the right conditions to feed the cows, while the harmful bacteria negatively affect the sensitive rumen. The effect is that the cows have to put energy into restoring the balance in the rumen, they feel worse and production is disrupted.


By extension, drinking water that is exposed to regular bacterial attacks can also affect and disrupt the cows’ reproduction and calving. Bacteria-free water is therefore a basic requirement for stable and cost-effective production.


Anolytech’s environmentally friendly disinfection system contributes to good animal health by disinfecting the water continuously for preventive purposes.

Effective against bacteria and biofilm

Anolytech’s unique system ensures the animals’ access to fresh water through continuous dosing of Anolytech’s disinfection solution AnoDes in the drinking water line.


Even in small doses, AnoDes effectively kills bacteria, viruses, spores, mold and fungi and stops the growth of biofilm that otherwise risks clogging the water system and in turn constitutes a breeding ground for bacteria. Because AnoDes is made from only water, salt and electricity, it does not contain any dangerous chemicals.


This makes AnoDes both environmentally friendly and completely harmless to the animals. The cows’ own bacterial flora in the rumen, for example, is not affected by the small doses of AnoDes in the water. The production of AnoDes takes place on site in a facility that you rent from Anolytech and which is connected directly to the water system.

The contamination occurs where the cows drink

When checking the water quality, the water sample is usually taken at the beginning of the water system, where the drinking water enters. The samples then show that there is nothing wrong with the water, but our investigations show that the majority of all bacteria in the animals’ drinking water is added later, further into the system and often by the animals themselves.


It could, for example, be about intestinal bacteria or bacteria from a sick animal. Common drinking places are then a risky source of infection, and despite the pressure in the water pipes, hogs and coppers can carry the infection on and contaminate other animals in the herd.

Preventive protection and long-term effect

Anolytech’s system differs from traditional methods where the disinfection is done only after the problems have arisen and pipes, hoses and cups have to be flushed clean, often with the help of harmful chemicals. With Anolytech’s system, the problem is completely eliminated because small amounts of the bactericidal


AnoDes are constantly present in the water pipes. AnoDes also acts as a safe barrier if the incoming water were to deteriorate temporarily. Dirty surface water from your own well or quality deterioration of the incoming water can cause major problems. AnoDes then provides preventive protection so that bacterial growth cannot occur.

  • There can be 700 - 800 different types of bacteria in the drinking water in a stable environment. Often, regular water samples measure only a few of these. Anolytech's AnoDes kills all types of bacteria effectively.
  • The bactericidal effect of concentrated AnoDes is 200 times higher than that of chlorine.
  • Among other things, AnoDes attacks proteins in the cell membranes of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms so that the cell ruptures and dies.
  • Periodic disinfection efforts can be both expensive and difficult to implement as the animals need to be moved. With AnoDes, the disinfection takes place continuously with the animals in place.
  • When AnoDes is consumed, it returns to its constituents: 99.5% water and 0.5% biodegradable substances. This makes AnoDes completely risk-free for both animals and nature. Bacteria that are multi-resistant to antibiotics are not a problem as AnoDes kills them as effectively as other bacteria.

Growth of bacteria


Growth of bacteria


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Customer case

"Through our collaboration with Anolytech, we ensure that the cows drink clean water, which is important because water is the largest feed component. AnoDes keeps the water fresh even in the stable environment, which helps us keep the animals healthy."

Bengt Engdahl, Månsagården, Mariestad

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