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Anolytech Norge AS levererar banbrytande desinfektionsteknologi till Norsk Kylling AS

Better water quality without the use of toxic or environmentally harmful chemicals


Anolytech Norge AS is proud to announce that they have started deliveries of their advanced disinfection technology and solutions to Norsk Kylling AS, Norsk Kylling AS, with a specific goal of achieving clean and bacteria-free water in their production facilities. This collaboration marks an important step forward in the sustainable development of food production in Norway.


Anolytech’s technology has proven to be effective in fighting biofilm in water systems, a common problem in food production that leads to the growth of unwanted microorganisms. By using Anolytech’s technology and the unique disinfection solution AnoDes, which is produced from only water, salt, and electricity, it is possible to achieve bacteria-free water in the production facility without using toxic or environmentally harmful chemicals.


Norsk Kylling emphasizes that the technology is future-oriented and sustainable, and thinks it is very positive that it so far shows a reduced occurrence of biofilm and a generally higher water quality.


The solution has contributed to simplify cleaning, without using environmentally harmful chemicals. This has a direct impact on both efficiency and sustainability in production.


Norsk Kylling operates a fully integrated value chain for the sustainable production of chicken. Together with 142 farmers in central Norway, they deliver healthy and safe food of high quality. In 2022, Norsk Kylling became the first producer in the world to change its entire production according to the international animal welfare standard European Chicken Commitment (ECC). In addition to making conscious choices in animal welfare, the company is also keen to choose solutions that reduce the environmental footprint.


Anolytechs systemAnolytech’s system represents a significantly more sustainable method of disinfection than traditional methods. This is an example of how industrial players can work together towards a more sustainable and efficient production, and we are proud to set new standards within industrial sustainability.

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