How to extend sprout shelf life with Anolytech’s water disinfection system

The cultivation company Nyttogrönt’s problem with bacteria made the roots on their organic sprouts rotted. The solution was Swedish Anolytechs environmentally friendly systems for disinfection of water without harmful chemicals. Nyttogrönt in Munka-Ljungby, Scania, cultivate food indoors all year round, with the goal of producing the best sprouts and shoots in Scandinavia.      The […]

Microbes in water distribution pipes vanished with Anolytech’s disinfection system

The industrial enterprise Bona faced problems with microbes in water distribution pipes causing unpleasant product scent and reduced durability. Anolytech’s sustainable water disinfection system solved the problems. Founded already in 1919, the family owned enterprise Bona today provides products for installation, renovation and maintenance of quality flooring to customers in 90 countries all over the […]