Reduced spread of infection and guaranteed bacteria-free water – around the clock

Schools and preschools are environments that are particularly vulnerable when it comes to the spread of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is extra important to regularly disinfect hands and room surfaces, and to ensure that the water in taps and showers does not spread, for example, legionella. Traditional disinfection often uses chemical detergents or hand sanitizer, and legionella attacks are remedied by flushing the pipes with hot water. None of these methods are particularly good for the environment or skin. However, it is Anolytech’s unique and environmentally friendly disinfection system.

Security for children at school

Being able to offer bacteria-free water and keep the spread of infection down in premises with many children is a matter of course for most businesses. Employees and users should be able to feel safe in indoor environments, as well as drink and use the water without the risk of ingesting harmful and unhealthy bacteria. But even if the incoming water is of high quality, there are no guarantees that the water cannot be contaminated inside the property and spread the infection further. And in environments where many people are staying at the same time, it can be difficult to keep the room surfaces free of bacteria. Anolytech can help with all this. Simple, environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Effective against bacteria and biofilm

Anolytech’s system is based on Anolytech’s unique disinfection solution AnoDes being produced on site in the property in a circular process that continuously and automatically disinfects the drinking water. In addition, AnoDes can be used for disinfection of room surfaces or as gentle hand sanitizer. AnoDes avdödar redan i små doser effektivt bakterier, virus, sporer, mögel och svamp samt stoppar tillväxt av biofilm som annars riskerar att täppa till vattensystemet och i sin tur utgöra en grogrund för bakterier. Eftersom AnoDes tillverkas av endast vatten, salt och el innehåller det inte några farliga kemikalier. Det gör AnoDes både miljövänligt och helt ofarligt för människor. AnoDes
Also, does not affect the taste or smell of the water. The production of AnoDes takes place on site in a facility that you rent from Anolytech and which is connected directly to the property’s water system.

Legionella - risks and obligations

Legionella bacteria can, among other things, cause Legionnaires’ disease, which is a severe form of pneumonia. The bacteria spread to the lungs via water mist, i.e. when water jets are broken in, for example, shower heads, air mixers on water taps, whirlpool baths, etc. A Legionella outbreak often has major consequences for the operations of a property and it does not matter if the water system is new or old, Legionella bacteria can still find their way into both cold and hot water pipes.And even if the water is heated to over 90 degrees in the water heater, the water system can still contain legionella. Flushing the system with hot water is also not enough as the flushing does not fix bacteria in the end points of the system, such as shower hoses, showerheads and taps. If the water system also has problems with biofilm, it means that the bacteria can take hold in the biofilm where they multiply and spread to the surrounding water. According to the EU Drinking Water Directive, which has been incorporated into the Swedish Food Agency’s regulations (2001: 30), every property owner is obliged to quality assure drinking water through frequent checks and analyzes. With AnoDes constantly present in the water, the risks of Legionella are radically reduced and it becomes easier to quality assure the water.

Preventive protection and long-term effect

Anolytech’s systems differ from traditional methods where the disinfection is done only when the problems have arisen and wires and other parts of the system must be replaced or flushed clean, not infrequently with the help of harmful chemicals. The interventions remove the symptoms at the moment, but do not solve the basic problem that bacteria can constantly be supplied and spread in the water. With Anolytech’s system, the problem is completely eliminated because small amounts of the bacteria-killing AnoDes are constantly present in the water pipes. AnoDes also acts as a safe barrier in case the incoming water deteriorates temporarily. AnoDes then provides preventive protection so that bacterial growth cannot occur.

Legionella in cold water


Biofilm in the water pipes


More uses

In some environments, it is especially important to keep the water free of bacteria, for example where water mist spreads or food is handled.

Shower areas

Showers are potential sources of infection that can spread, for example, Legionella bacteria. Continuously dosing AnoDes in the water is a guarantee that the bacteria do not spread in the premises. The presence of AnoDes in the water also means that shower heads do not need to be changed as much as before.

Kitchen and restaurant

Bacteria-free water is the be-all and end-all in kitchens and restaurants. With AnoDes in the water, it is guaranteed that lettuce and other foods that need to be rinsed are not added to bacteria from the water.

Toilets in commercial real estate

I fastigheter med ett ständigt flöde av besökare, kan vattenkranar med luftblandare utgöra en smittkälla. I dessa miljöer finns det även behov av att kunna desinficera ytor.

Hand disinfection

Since AnoDes is produced on site in the property, you can manufacture your own hand sanitizer by bottling AnoDes. AnoDes does not dry out the skin as traditional alcohol-based hand sanitizer does and is approved as hygienic hand sanitizer according to EN1500. Anolytech also offers a practical hand dispenser with spray nozzle and automatic dosing via sensor.

Disinfection of rooms and surfaces

In addition to guaranteeing a bacteria-free drinking water or used as a hand sanitizer, AnoDes can be used to disinfect entire rooms, walls, work surfaces, loose objects and utensils. Surfaces and objects can be sprayed by hand, while rooms and premises can be easily disinfected using a dimming machine that emits dry mist. The fog spreads throughout the room and effectively kills bacteria and viruses on the various surfaces of the room. Anolytech offers a dimming machine that is approved according to EN standard 17272 for mechanical automated airborne room disinfection.
What is AnoDes
  • There can be 700 - 800 different types of bacteria in the drinking water in a stable environment. Often, ordinary water samples measure only a few of these. Anolytech's AnoDes kill all types of bacteria effectively.
  • The bactericidal effect of concentrated AnoDes is 200 times higher than that of chlorine.
  • AnoDes attack, among other things, proteins in the cell membranes of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms so that the cell ruptures and dies.
  • Periodic disinfection efforts can be both expensive and difficult to carry out as the animals need to be moved. With AnoDes, the disinfection takes place continuously with the animals on site.
  • Once used up, AnoDes returns to its constituents: 99.5% water and 0.5% biodegradable substances. This makes AnoDes completely risk-free for both animals and nature. Bacteria that are multi-resistant to antibiotics are not a problem as AnoDes kill these as effectively as other bacteria.

"The best way to fix Legionella is to never let the bacteria take hold in the first place. Anolytech's system prevents attacks so that the spread of infection never occurs. In addition, huge amounts of water are saved because the pipes do not need to be flushed as in traditional Legionella control."

Cristian Sterning, Sales Manager Anolytech

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