Guaranteed bacteria-free
water when rinsing
fruit and vegetables

Bacteria-free water and carefully disinfected industrial environments are often crucial prerequisites for safe and efficient production. But maintaining a bacteria-free environment often requires time-consuming reactive measures with harmful chemicals. Anolytech’s environmentally friendly system instead works preventively and the production of our unique disinfection solution AnoDes takes place on site with you, which means that you always have access to disinfection.

Effective against bacteria and biofilm

AnoDes is a pH-optimized hypochlorous acid made from only water, salt and electricity. AnoDes effectively kills bacteria, viruses, spores, mold and fungi and stops the growth of biofilm in water pipes. By continuously and automatically dosing AnoDes in the water, it stays bacteria-free around the clock, all year round.
    The production takes place in a facility that you rent from Anolytech and which is connected directly to the property’s water system. Anolytech’s system is easy to install and disinfection is handled automatically, with the exception of salt replenishment.
     From the plant, AnoDes concentrate can also be bottled and used for disinfection in a variety of areas. AnoDes contains no harmful chemicals and is harmless to humans and nature.

Preventive protection and long-term effect

Anolytech’s preventive disinfection system differs from traditional methods where disinfection is done only when problems have arisen and water pipes and other parts of the water system need to be flushed clean or replaced. The interventions remove the symptoms at the moment, but do not solve the basic problem that bacteria can constantly be supplied and spread in the water and pipes. With Anolytech’s method, the problem is completely eliminated because small amounts of the bacteria-killing AnoDes are constantly present in the water pipes. The presence of AnoDes also serves as a safe barrier in case the incoming water deteriorates temporarily. AnoDes then provides preventive protection so that bacterial growth cannot occur.

Disinfection of drinking water

Anolytech’s system complies with the Swedish National Food Agency’s regulations (SLVFS 2001:30) on drinking water. Since the system is connected to your water system, it is ensured that the incoming water is bacteria-free and the continuous dosing of AnoDes then means that the water remains bacteria-free during its path through the water system, including spray nozzles, hoses and dead-ends. At the same time, AnoDes prevents new growth of biofilm.


The system makes it possible to effectively reduce the bacterial pressure to which conveyor belts and other equipment are often exposed, and disinfection can be carried out during ongoing production.

Hydroponic cultivation

In hydroponic cultivation of food, the requirements for a bacteria-free water for natural reasons are very high. Anolytech’s environmentally friendly system prevents bacterial attacks and the growth of biofilm so that both growers and consumers can feel safe. AnoDes in the water has also been shown to extend the shelf life of what is grown.

Water-based products

Products such as water-based paint, can utilize AnoDe’s bactericidal effect to avoid mold formation in the finished product.

Production of ice

In the production of ice, the risk of bacterial attack and growth of biofilm is eliminated because AnoDes remains active even after freezing. Thus, when the ice melts, the melt water does not add any bacteria to the surroundings.

Changing rooms and showers

Legionella bacteria can take hold in changing rooms’ showers and water taps and cause Legionnaires’ disease, a severe form of pneumonia. The bacteria spread to the lungs via water mist when water jets are smashed in showerheads and air mixers on water taps. By continuously adding AnoDes to the water, legionella bacteria are prevented from gaining a foothold and spreading, while shower heads do not need to be changed as often.



When purifying and recycling greywater and waste water, Anolytech’s system complements other purification systems and makes the water bacteria-free. To an increased extent purify and recycle discharge water from industries is an important step in achieving the UN’s global goals.

Clean In Place (CIP)

After completing the CIP, in many hygiene-critical productions, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, it is also necessary to disinfect the production system. Disinfection with AnoDes can be done in several ways, for example through nozzles, spray applications, hand sprayers or dimming machines. Anolytech offers a dimming machine that is approved according to EN standard 17272 for mechanical automated airborne room disinfection.

Packaging materials, return crates and bins

AnoDes can be used to disinfect, for example, packaging materials, return trays and containers before, during and after production. This ensures that no bacteria linger during the production stages and risk being transferred to the product, subsequent departments, producers or final recipients later in the chain.

Other disinfection of surfaces and objects

With AnoDes, you can disinfect entire rooms, walls, workspaces, utensils and other loose objects. Rooms and premises can be disinfected by hand with a pressure washer, or with a dimming machine that spreads dry mist for effective disinfection of all surfaces of the room at the same time. AnoDes can also be bottled on spray bottles for easy and quick disinfection of smaller surfaces and objects.

Hand sanitizer

Since AnoDes is produced on site with you, you can manufacture your own hand sanitizer by dropping AnoDes on pump bottles. The finished solution is approved as hygienic hand sanitizer according to EN1500. AnoDes is very gentle and does not dry out the skin like alcohol-based hand sanitizer does. Contact us today for an unconditional meeting where we can tell you more about the benefits of our environmentally friendly disinfection system. Together we map your business and point out where the efforts have the greatest effect.

Environmentally friendly disinfection for industry

What is AnoDes
  • There can be 700 - 800 different types of bacteria in the drinking water in a stable environment. Often, ordinary water samples measure only a few of these. Anolytech's AnoDes effectively kill all types of bacteria.
  • The bactericidal effect of concentrated AnoDes is 200 times higher than that of chlorine.
  • AnoDes attack, among other things, proteins in the cell membranes of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms so that the cell ruptures and dies.
  • Periodic disinfection efforts can be both expensive and difficult to carry out as the animals need to be moved. With AnoDes, the disinfection takes place continuously with the animals on site.
  • Once used up, AnoDes returns to its constituents: 99.5% water and 0.5% biodegradable substances. This makes AnoDes completely risk-free for both animals and nature. Bacteria that are multi-resistant to antibiotics are not a problem as AnoDes kill these as effectively as other bacteria.

"There are really no limits to how many industries can benefit from our environmentally friendly disinfection solution. From hydroponic cultivation to large-scale industrial processes. Everyone benefits from using fewer chemicals and wasting less water."

Sandra Lindström, CEO Anolytech

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